MME has years of experience with Hot Water systems.

Whether you have a gas, solar or electric hot water system, we are able to service, repair or replace all types. If you have no hot water, contact us immediately and we will do everything we can to ensure your hot water is restored as soon as possible.

No hot water?

No worries! We are here to help

Maintenance Made Easy have been helping people with no hot water in Logan and Brisbane for over 14 years! We specialise in electric, gas and heat pumps and will always repair or replace your hot water system as affordably as possible.

We can repair, replace or relocate your hot water system, depending on your needs

What we do when you call, we are going to ask you some basic questions to help solve your hot water problem as soon as possible.

Before you call us, take 30 seconds to check the questions we will ask you, below,  then if you need to write a brand or a size down etc, you are prepared.

With your information, we can usually diagnose your problem straight away over the phone. We will then let you know what the problem is, how much it is to repair or the worst case, to replace and how soon we will be able to do it for you.

We know the inconvenience of turning the shower on and there’s no hot water!

There are 4 main things you can check if you have no hot water

  1. Is the hot water system leaking? If you can see, where from?
  1. Are there a lot of ants around the hot water system, indicating a nest inside?
  1. Check the power box, is the Hot water switch turned on?
  1. Is every tap in the house cold, or just specific taps?

If you have no hot water, there are 3 signs that your unit is not repairable and you need a new one

  1. It is leaking from the top, sides or base?
  1. The sides or top are split
  2. It is rusted out inside which is visible

Before you call us, to make sure we can help you as quickly and as affordably as possible, there are a few questions we will ask:

  1. What brand is your current unit?
  2. What size is your current unit?
  3. How old is your current unit? (if known)
  4. Do you have hot water in some taps but not others?
  5. If you can see it leaking, where is it leaking from?

If you are pretty sure your current hot water system is unrepairable, that is it is leaking from the top, base or sides, or the sides are split, you will need a new hot water system and will have to decide what’s right for you. We will help!

If you need a new hot water system, there a few basic things to check and think about

  1. Is your current one the right size, or do you now need a smaller or bigger one?
  2. What is important to you? The cost of installation? Running costs or green credentials?
  3. Do you have gas in your area?

Why choose maintenance Made Easy?

  1. We are fully licensed and insured
  2. We offer impeccable service
  3. We guarantee our quality of workmanship
  4. We are local and know the local area
  5. We want you a customer for life